Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Busy busy busy but with mixed emotions

July 25th will mark my 5 month mark from receiving the gift of life and breath. A chance to enjoy life as what it was meant to be. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that I receive a letter back from my donors family. I submitted it a few months ago. I have been extremely busy at enjoying life, been back to work for over a month now and I love it! Recently got a promotion to Service Manager. Its so nice work pretty much 7-5 or sometimes 5:30 and get home make dinner and then hit the gym. Without being worn out at all. I have gained some weight but some reason has seemed to level out for now. I know at clinic they told me that I would have to start watching what I eat. Some you that are friends on FB have seen all the pictures of my meals and I don't cheap out on the portions lol.
Well my weekends have been busy and exciting. Seems every weekend I have something to do :) I tried roller skating last Saturday with my gf. I manage to get them on stand up and move a bit without breaking a tailbone lmao. Next time I will be trying to roller blades, at least Ive been on them a couple of times in my life. I guess it would help if I could actually ice skate. This weekend I'm heading to my older brothers cottage out between Trenton and Ottawa. Its the first time Ive been out that way so it should be fun and I heard the fishing is awesome! Weekend after that me and my younger brother are heading up to Rainy lake for a day of fishing and visit with the cottagers (seeing as we will miss them this year cause we ended up going at a later date,second last week of August instead of July) Weekend after that me and my gf are gonna go visit my older sisters trailer north of Parry Sound. Weekend after that is our little family get together (hopefully no blood shed lmfao) then week after that is our week of holidays at rainy lake. So ya summer is getting booked up really fast.
I still haven't had much time to work on the old jeep. Still need to do the body work on the new tub then install it onto my frame.
A couple of my good cfer friends got their call. My one good friend got hers just over a week ago, I was almost in tears when she messaged me that she got her call! She was in really rough shape but is a true fighter! I cant wait to hear her enjoying life when she gets out of the hospital. Another got her call about a month ago now. She is out of the hospital now and enjoying life.
Which brings me to my mixed emotions, I know alot of cfers, pre and post tx and I almost feel guilty announcing all the great stuff im doing while others sit just trying to hang in there waiting for their call. I have also been way too busy to keep up with people :( I have a few really close cfers that I talked to everyday pre transplant but now just am never around after tx. I feel like I'm abandoning them. I know they all say go out and enjoy life for what it is but just deep down that's how I feel.
So to all ya out there sorry :( Just cant wait till your post tx and we can at least somewhat hangout in person while still keeping our distance.
Also if you noticed I have really slacked on blog writing. This is my first one since the end of may lol, ya I totally suck!

Anyways its my bed time, another day of work tomorrow.....god I love saying that now hehehe.