Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just a quiet Saturday night

Its Saturday, I just finished my first week back to work. It went great! I have never felt so good to be back to work. Its been such a journey to get back to this point in my life. It has been over a year since I worked last. So lets hope it keeps up this upward direction:)
As for my 3 month assessment I had a couple of weeks ago it went pretty good. No rejection was found this time and they lowered my Prednisone dose by 5mg. The bronchoscopy before that had shown stage 1 rejection. The only thing they found after blood work had time to culture was some antibodies in my blood. So they called and informed me they are gonna change my one rejection med(Imuran) to Celsept and will be on 1000mg 3 times a day. They also said this drug can cause gastro problems and live problems and that they want to monitor my blood once a week for the next month. So I will have to go to Orillia now once a week. It would be so nice if there was a Lifelabs here in town. Also if there was a proper Pulmonary Function lab. Ohh well at least its better then driving two hours to the city. My next clinic isn't scheduled till the week of August 29th(during my 6 month assessment)
In other news.....
My summer is getting pretty booked up with stuff planned and stuff I wanna do. Have a bonfire planned for next weekend. Ive been invited to my brothers cottage July 23 for the week. Want to plan a Canada's wonderland trip sometime this summer.Brother and I are heading to Rainy lake second last week of August. Then the last week of August is my 6 month assessment.
I'm still rocking the single life. It gets lonely at times. Ive always like having someone to be with. But meh I will find that right person one day.
Tomorrow is an early morning, gonna hit the gym early, it feels so good to be able to go workout and lift weights. I feel so great after and nice to build some muscle...guess you can say I'm getting ripped! lol
Im still eating lots. Im almost at 140 lbs now in just over 4 months from 117lbs (which is the heaviest I ever weighed before tx) Its amazing how many calories you burn when you cant breath.
I am still keeping my fingers crossed that my donor family will write back. I still can not express my gratitude towards them and their loved one that has given me back this great life!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a great walk!

Sunday May 29th was the Great Strides walk for Cystic Fibrosis. This year they held one in Barrie down at the waterfront. It was organized by Lynette and Dave Mader(who has cf) and they did a fantastic job! The Barrie walks goal was $8000 and we exceeded it almost triple at $23,000.

My Team did great our team goal was $1000 and we raised over $2000. I was a little slow starting on getting donations and pushing it (only 2 weeks or so before the walk) and still managed to collect $920 worth of donations. With the help of a fellow customer of the garage I work at donation after he read my story in the local paper.

The day was overcast and it threatened to rain all day but it was still nice walking weather. Another fellow cfer/friend Allison and I were part of the ribbon cutting ceremony to start off the walk and we were also both interviewed for the local news. Its great to be able to get out and tell people of the cause. Next year I'm planning on fundraising alot earlier and to get alot more businesses in town involved.