Friday, January 25, 2013

An update on life and such

Well hello people. Its been awhile since I last updated. Heath wise I'm doing pretty good now. I did catch that nasty cold/flu that is going around. Got it just before Christmas and finally kicked it mid January. Gotta love compromised immune systems lol. So my Christmas and New Years was pretty quiet. We went to Nicoles parents for dinner on the 25th and then to my moms on the 27th. Then there was a big family dinner and my brothers partners moms in Hanover we went too. So other then all the food there wasn't much. Nicoles kids had a good Christmas and enjoyed everything they got. I felt a little depressed cause I couldn't do much. Boss laid a few of us off the first week of December, not good just before Christmas.
Money has been pretty tight, I didn't get my first EI cheque till mid Jan that made it tough. We were looking at moving to a bigger place but that's been put on the back burner for now. I have been handing out resumes and haven't gotten one call for an interview yet. It does feel a little discouraging. My boss said he would probably call me back sometime in March but I really don't wanna go back. I worked a couple days after being laid off and I don't like the atmosphere there anymore. Feels like your walking on egg shells and no one talks or seems to get along anymore, so I think its time to move on. I'm a little tired of the service advisor position so would like to find work in a different field. Something where I can either work in a clean environment or with my hands.
I drove by my old house the other day cause a friend had messaged me on fb asking what was with the trailers of garbage and tarps all over the rood. So when I went by I noticed they have tarps all nailed down over the main roof. I guess the rood must of started leaking pretty good and wrecked stuff upstairs. That brought a little relief to me. I do miss the place and having a big piece of property and a garage. But in the end I would of never been able to repair that mess. So things happen for a reason.

So that is about it for now.