Monday, September 26, 2011


Well life is good, well let me is great! Summer has pretty much wrapped up. What a great one it was! Plus getting to enjoy it with new lungs and no oxygen. Got up to the cottage. Made it out to my older brothers cottage for a few days. and made it to Canadas Wonderland. This past weekend I got to enjoy some fun at a local beer where we met up for a few drinks and some dancing. For one im not a real fan of dancing but hey get enough in me Ill do anything lol and yup I got up and danced and never go wore out. Still managing to make it to the gym at least 3 time a weak.
Who knows what the fall will have to offer and I know one thing this winter im deffinatly getting out to do some snow tubbing!
As for my health, everything has been going great. I have had to adjust my insulin a bit, am now taking some long acting insulin in the morning to look after my small blood sugar spike late afternoon/dinner due to the prednisone. I just started on that today so I will see how that goes. I have been talking with the diabetic nurse at my CF clinic. She really knows her stuff! Im now doing monthly blood work and Pft's. My 9 month assessment is coming up at the end of November. I still cant believe its been that long already.