Monday, March 31, 2014

3 year assesment

Well Feb 25th was my 3 year assessment. Wow has the time flew by still only seems like yesterday. Although I know it isn't cause sadly I have lost alot of my transplant friends that have had transplant right around the same time as me or just after, I always use to run into so many transplant friends but its slowly diminishing :( I guess its the reality of transplant world, I am happy that I have great health and not one problem.

Assessment went great, pfts are still stable, my walk test was high was over 700 metres in 6 min which is excellent. I saw Dr Benie and he was pleased with everything, The only thing they changed was my blood pressure meds.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The job hunt

Well I'm still on the hunt for a full time job. Its a hard market out there, besides alot of jobs being offered are barely minimum wage. Something I cant do if I'm driving back and forth from Barrie. I have been to a few job fairs and the amount of people that show up is unreal, there is so many people looking for work.
Its very discouraging. All I want to do is find a decent paying job so can get back on my feet, then we can get a bigger place to live. I realized how much this hit me today when I visited my storage unit where all my stuff is.
I am sure hoping things change soon so this stress can be lifted.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

2 year assesment

Hey there folks! Feb 25th and 27th was my 2 year assessment. Where does the time go? It seems only weeks ago that I was just being released from the hospital. I still recall waking up to the nurse saying those wonderful words "Morning Sean, you have new lungs"
Everything went well,  my pft's are still 95% so not complaining there,they seem a little something in my right lung right near the bottom in the cat scan. Said it might be start of an infection or fungi growth. They said it may be nothing to worry about and also assured me it in no way looks like that dreaded word "REJECTION" They said they were gonna take a sample of it in the bronch on the 27th.
It was a little sad that I didn't get to run into any old transplant friends. My one close transplant friend that I use to always be with seeing as our transplants were a week apart sadly lost her fight last March,
I am thankful every day of my donor and wonder what kind of person they were and what their hobbies were. I believe they must of been very active to give the gift of such wonderful healthy lungs.
My other friend is coming around well in recovering from her second dble lung transplant after going thru rejection from her first transplant. She is already on the transplant floor and out of step down.
I still think of all my other friends who are still waiting for their second chance of life. Some have been waiting for a long time which sadly shouldn't have to be. There just needs to be more organ donors. So people please register online to be an organ donor. A signed card like they had years ago is no longer valid. It takes only 2 minutes to register online at Help save some ones life so they can have longer with their loved ones like I have gotten.

Friday, January 25, 2013

An update on life and such

Well hello people. Its been awhile since I last updated. Heath wise I'm doing pretty good now. I did catch that nasty cold/flu that is going around. Got it just before Christmas and finally kicked it mid January. Gotta love compromised immune systems lol. So my Christmas and New Years was pretty quiet. We went to Nicoles parents for dinner on the 25th and then to my moms on the 27th. Then there was a big family dinner and my brothers partners moms in Hanover we went too. So other then all the food there wasn't much. Nicoles kids had a good Christmas and enjoyed everything they got. I felt a little depressed cause I couldn't do much. Boss laid a few of us off the first week of December, not good just before Christmas.
Money has been pretty tight, I didn't get my first EI cheque till mid Jan that made it tough. We were looking at moving to a bigger place but that's been put on the back burner for now. I have been handing out resumes and haven't gotten one call for an interview yet. It does feel a little discouraging. My boss said he would probably call me back sometime in March but I really don't wanna go back. I worked a couple days after being laid off and I don't like the atmosphere there anymore. Feels like your walking on egg shells and no one talks or seems to get along anymore, so I think its time to move on. I'm a little tired of the service advisor position so would like to find work in a different field. Something where I can either work in a clean environment or with my hands.
I drove by my old house the other day cause a friend had messaged me on fb asking what was with the trailers of garbage and tarps all over the rood. So when I went by I noticed they have tarps all nailed down over the main roof. I guess the rood must of started leaking pretty good and wrecked stuff upstairs. That brought a little relief to me. I do miss the place and having a big piece of property and a garage. But in the end I would of never been able to repair that mess. So things happen for a reason.

So that is about it for now.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

News you dont like hearing!

Just when I thought life was going pretty good bad news arrives.
Tuesday morning my employer told us cause it was getting slow at work that everyone is getting laid off and will only be called in when and if needed. And then some of us were sent home at lunch that day. So it has now been 2 days I have been home. With everything that has happened to me financially over the last few months, declaring bankruptcy and turning my house back to the bank. This just puts the cherry on the top :(
I have been advised to see what my "employee" rights are. As it is now I will not have any money from EI till poss mid January :( So it make me feel pretty crumby over the coming holiday season. Although if you have read my blogs from day 1 you know I'm not into the whole commercialization they have made Christmas but would still like to get something for the people I love. But I think this Christmas is going to be a write off. All I can hope is the New Year comes a better time and better prosperity.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Been Busy busy busy

Life has been pretty busy the last few weeks. Getting things sorted out with my old place. Work and such. Last weekend we decorated my truck up for the Stayner santa clause parade. It was a pretty fast parade only lasting 30 mins.
We had snow but the last couple days has been warm and just about all the snow has melted. Although some of the ski resorts around me have opened already. Next weekend were venturing out to cut down a Christmas tree. It will be the first time for me. My family use to just cut the pre cut ones. So this should be an adventure.
Life in Stayner is pretty good. I have met a few people and am enjoying myself. It was time to get outta Penetang. Was getting tired of all the soap opera drama.
Personally Im the happiest I have been for a long time..

Saturday, November 10, 2012

RIP Dear Amber

My dear cf and transplant friend passed away early this morning. She was the most courageous fighter I have ever met. She over came every obstacle. Before transplant  she beat the odds after the doctors had told her that she was removed from the transplant list. Then got so sick that she was at the lowest lung function and was told there was nothing that they could do for her and that they would just keep her comfortable and to expect the worse. She fought with everything she had and with the support of her family and our wonderful CF friends she overcame and was re listed. I so happy the day I heard she had gotten her call and had a chance and a new life. She had a very hard recovery. She never did fully recover as cause of the high dose of meds made her kidneys fail so she was on dialysis. Even after that she kept in good spirit and got to spend time with her family and loved ones.
She started to decline again and repeated lung infections. She was admitted to TGH a couple times but this last time she wouldn't make it. She got the terrible news the other day that she was indeed going thru chronic rejection. Today I heard the terrible news that she lost her fight for her life. Its so sad seeing as I just talked to her last night. We had lots of wonderful chats and looked out for each other. Me and my brother did get to visit with her last Tuesday. I am so thankful I got to see her. We had made plans all summer long to get together for a bbq but both our schedules were conflicted.
Sadly this is the second close cf/transplant friend I have lost this year. I have others that are now listed for their second transplant. I wish I could pass on some of my good health to my other transplant friends.
I will miss you tons, you can now breath easy and hang out with all our other cf friends.