Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well I have only met one other cfer that had passed away and that was back in the 90's. It was back when the internet was not a popular thing so I never really kept in touch. I would only see her the couple of times when I was in clinic and once when I was admitted. We did go out trick or treating once when I was admitted. It was when they didn't really know about cross contamination. Hell they even had cf camps.
Well now I had the joy of meeting (well online) a fellow cfer named Hattie. We bonded much like all my other cfer friends. She just recently got put on the list for transplant and have gone down hill rather quick. She is now in the scary end of cf. We are all praying that a donor comes along sooner then later. I cant imagine what she is going thru right now. I am sure hoping that I don't hit the bottom like she has. Just the emotional stress is terrible.
I had a hard time sleeping last night just thinking of all the outcomes. And it just plain SUCKS!
All I can do is offer my support and keep my fingers crossed that there is a call this weekend from someone that wasn't wise in their decision and comes to the decision of having to donate their precious organs.

Hang in there fellow cfer the call will come!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Im a country boy!

Well as I sit here in the middle of China Town in downtown Toronto I came to realize I cant stand it here. Besides having to drive in circles out of your way to actually get to the place you have to get to. Why that is? Well you see someone came up with the brilliant idea of having only thru traffic at certain hours...meaning no left or right turns at certain times of the day. Not a swift move it gets us country folk all confused,stressed and pissed off!
Ok my second pet peeve is wtf is with parking? I do see why everyone rides bikes. It costs your a fortune to park anywhere...that is if you can actually find a lot that your truck will fit into. Lets just say I parked in some pretty cramped spots these last few days. Not a place for a candidate for Canada's worst driver. There would for sure be sparks and paint missing off of cars lol.
The parking garage at TGH was full it would only spit ticket out to enter after someone had left. So I wait, I get in the only thing is they didn't account for the three handicap spots. They were empty so of course the computer would say "yes" there is spots available. Well after driving around in circles for 10 mins and no one leaving I left. Had to park three blocks away...which again I had to squeeze into a spot..maybe they figure everyone just drives minis and smart cars?

So my tests today weren't that bad simple just lots of waiting..that's my pet peeve lol. I have a couple more people to see tomorrow morning then I am gonna get the hell outta dodge and get back north. Where there is less traffic,less people and smells a hell of alot better!

See you all my country people tomorrow night! You city people can keep your stinky,no parking cement everywhere city!
Im outta here!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Well the time has come.

Well as I pack my bag for tomorrow, I realize thats its almost done to get onto the transplant list. I head down to Toronto and stay in a hotel for 3 days to do the final little tests for double lung TX. Then apparently have to wait 2 weeks to hear from the transplant team to recieve my pager and see how they are gonna list me (as critical or non critcal....meaning I am stable enough to survive another year) Sounds pretty depressing when you say it that way.
I have been warned by other cfers that have gone thru the assesment process and the meetings I have where they dwell on all the negative outcomes and bad things that can happen during and post transplant. I seriously think all that negative puts people in a stumper and makes it harder for them to recover. I am just gonna hear what they say and think of how GREAT the outcome is gonna be. How life will change and be able to do things with out worrying about how long I have left in my portable o2 tank and not having to lug the damn thing around. How it will be nice and peaceful at bedtime without the o2 concentrater running away.....and running up my hydro bill!

I havent wrote much new stuff cause I just havent had the insperation or just plane ol writers block. Ive been trying to keep myself busy and such.
I have taken up reading which is odd for me seeing as I have only read 2-3 books in my whole life lol. but Im quiet impressed almost done my second book in less then a month. Wonder if it will keep up?