Monday, July 23, 2012

Just an update

Well hello everyone,
I cant believe come July 25th I will be 1.5 years post transplant! Where does the time go? I feel its going by way too fast. I have been very lucky and have not had any complications or illness. I have had a couple colds and a nasty ear infection. But other then that no iv's or hospitalization. I still think about my dear friend that lost her battle this month. It really puts things into perspective on how valuable life is. They have booked my assessment for Aug 27-28th Its the Monday and Tuesday after I get back from holidays. Thank god I no longer have to do the Gastric Emptying test anymore! Its just my regular day Monday (blood work,pft's. chest x ray and cat scan,6 min walk test and then clinic) They have booked my bronchoscopy for Tuesday. A couple of my other transplant friends also have their assessments too so will be nice to see them and catch up :)
Its less then one month till I head to the cottage for a week of fishing and enjoying the peace and quiet of the north. I am so looking forward to it!
This coming long weekend im gonna go up to my sister and brother in-laws trailer for a visit. They have it on the Magnetawan river which is just north of Point au barel. Havent decided if im going just for the day or a couple, we will see.
This Saturday the 28th with sadly be the 12 year anniversary of the passing of my dad. I father and a best friend to me. Like I said earlier time goes by way too fast! Me and my brother are planning on driving up and just sitting on the shore and have a visit. We are hoping some friends are at the cottage and we can say hello. We haven't been able to our cottage the same time as them anymore.
Life for me has been going. I have been sorting things out and finding out what I really want. To enjoy my self and experience life. I had to let a best friend go this past week due to certain circumstances. It was sad. We did alot together and had some fun together but when a person crosses a line and breaks trust its hard to ever trust or forget about what happened, I no longer want negativity and doubtfulness in my life. Life is too shorty to have to deal with that!

I will try and update in a few weeks.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Its time for a change

Have going thru a life saving procedure and having no idea how long it will extend my life, makes me think of certain things. After loosing a close transplant friend and seeing how fast things can go down hill and hearing news of others that are having several problems and possibly facing a second transplant is one thing that is always in the back of my mind. Its hard not to think about it having gone thru it. I always longed for a relationship and such, but now I just wanna go out and enjoy my life, simplify my life, have nothing tieing me down and do my own thing. Although I will/did hurt feelings along the way I have concluded I have to just worry about me. Its my life and the only life I will have. Who knows what will happen next year or on. I too have loved and gotten my heart broken, but I pick up the pieces and move on. I believe everything happens in this world for a reason.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Long Time No Update

Well well, things have been going great at this end.  No complications or anything...knock on wood. I'm enjoying the beautiful summer weather, that is when I'm not working lol. In the next couple of weeks I will be challenging myself along with these new wonderful pink lungs, where I will be participating in the Warrior Dash at Horseshoe Resort. It should be fun and certainly an experience. Also end of August me and my brother will be heading up to the cottage we rent every year. Looking forward to floating around in the boat and doing some fishing. Haven't gotten out much for fishing. Weekends are always so busy. I have already been to Canada's Wonderland twice this summer and it was a blast and planning on heading a few more times before the end of the season. Gotta love season passes :)
Here is a video taken by a participant in last years Warrior Dash. So you get an idea what I'm in for hahaha.

I am also booked for my 18 month Post Tx assesment the monday I get back from holidays on the 27th. I still cant believe its already been a year and a half. Time is just going by way too fast. Sometimes I wish I didnt have to work so I could enjoy it a little bit more.