Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time to celebrate

It is now officially one year since I got that call on a February night. I got the results back from my bronchocopy and it show no rejection at all. So they lowered my prednisone again to 7.5mg. All my other tests I imagine were fine as they would of contacted me if anything wasn't good....well at least I hope they would hahaha. That's about all on the transplant side. Life has been going pretty healthy with no complications.
In other news, I held a huge party on the 25th to celebrate my 1 year mark, my 36th birthday and my brothers 33rd birthday. There were tons of people here and was a wicked night! i am so lucky to have such wonderful friends!

As I mentioned in the blog previous that I had to bow out of the trip to Florida. But I did get to box the cottage at Rainy Lake for the second last week of August. I have to at least get away somewhere this year lol.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Such a stress filled day!

Today was my last test for my 1 year assessment. Wow 1 year where does the time go? I had the solid gastoric emptying test today. Its kinda nasty test. They give you a microwaved egg white which they inject radiation into. They then take an image at the 1 hour and 2 hour mark then the last one at 2 1/2 hours after the 2 hour mark. So it was a long boring morning. You cant eat or drink anything till the test is over. Tuesday I had my bronchoscopy which my favorite dr did. That went fine, was awake for the whole thing which I like alot better. Monday was all the small tests such as blood work (after they got my paper work) Pulmonary function test which was an amazing 96%, chest ct scan, 6 min walk test which I also did amazing with too. Then clinic. It was truly a long day didn't get out of TGH till almost 5pm.

Today I got the dreaded awful news that my good transplant friend Allison who's blog can be found here : http://allisonswaitinggame.blogspot.com/ She was transferred to Toronto from up here cause of fevers, today I heard she is now fighting for her life on life support. It is so unreal. We were both recovering in hospital after transplant as she got hers a week before me. I am truly praying she pulls through. I am so not ready to say good bye to another transplant friend. The world can be so mean sometimes. I remember her excitement that she was able to return back to school for nursing and she met the man of her dreams. She was living life to the fullest. Its just so unfair!!!
On another note I was suppose to be going to Florida with my brother, his partner and family. But after lots of thought I had to pull out due to financial reasons. I'm pretty upset cause I was looking forward to it so much but such is life.

All I got to say is tomorrow better be a better day, sure hope I hear some positive news about Allison. It is really gonna be tough to sleep tonight!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wow 1 Year Mark Coming Up!

It crazy that come the 25th of this month will be a year that I received the gift of life. It has truly been a blessing and and so happy that I have almost beaten the first odd. I hope there is many many more years ahead! I am at Toronto General 3 days next week for my assessment. Its gonna be a very long day Monday and then Tuesday and Wednesday are just half days. I am planning a huge party on the 25th to celebrate my 1 year mark my 36th birthday which is the 27th and my brothers birthday which was the 4th. It should be a great time and cant wait for it!

On other news, im still working my ass off. I have signed up for the warrior dash in July and in a few weeks will be heading to Orlando.
I have been deciding on what I'm gonna be doing. As I can not really afford to stay where I am. and then on the other hand cant afford to sell. Seems to be a vicious circle. What I truly need is a nice lottery win, although you have to have money to buy the ticket hahaha.
In actual reality I shouldn't really be going off to Florida, even though I have put some money away for it I don't wanna leave myself short later, but on the other hand I doubt I will ever get the chance to go ever again.

Well I will update after all my tests next week and let you all know how I made out.