Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The job hunt

Well I'm still on the hunt for a full time job. Its a hard market out there, besides alot of jobs being offered are barely minimum wage. Something I cant do if I'm driving back and forth from Barrie. I have been to a few job fairs and the amount of people that show up is unreal, there is so many people looking for work.
Its very discouraging. All I want to do is find a decent paying job so can get back on my feet, then we can get a bigger place to live. I realized how much this hit me today when I visited my storage unit where all my stuff is.
I am sure hoping things change soon so this stress can be lifted.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

2 year assesment

Hey there folks! Feb 25th and 27th was my 2 year assessment. Where does the time go? It seems only weeks ago that I was just being released from the hospital. I still recall waking up to the nurse saying those wonderful words "Morning Sean, you have new lungs"
Everything went well,  my pft's are still 95% so not complaining there,they seem a little something in my right lung right near the bottom in the cat scan. Said it might be start of an infection or fungi growth. They said it may be nothing to worry about and also assured me it in no way looks like that dreaded word "REJECTION" They said they were gonna take a sample of it in the bronch on the 27th.
It was a little sad that I didn't get to run into any old transplant friends. My one close transplant friend that I use to always be with seeing as our transplants were a week apart sadly lost her fight last March,
I am thankful every day of my donor and wonder what kind of person they were and what their hobbies were. I believe they must of been very active to give the gift of such wonderful healthy lungs.
My other friend is coming around well in recovering from her second dble lung transplant after going thru rejection from her first transplant. She is already on the transplant floor and out of step down.
I still think of all my other friends who are still waiting for their second chance of life. Some have been waiting for a long time which sadly shouldn't have to be. There just needs to be more organ donors. So people please register online to be an organ donor. A signed card like they had years ago is no longer valid. It takes only 2 minutes to register online at www.beadonor.ca Help save some ones life so they can have longer with their loved ones like I have gotten.