Saturday, November 10, 2012

RIP Dear Amber

My dear cf and transplant friend passed away early this morning. She was the most courageous fighter I have ever met. She over came every obstacle. Before transplant  she beat the odds after the doctors had told her that she was removed from the transplant list. Then got so sick that she was at the lowest lung function and was told there was nothing that they could do for her and that they would just keep her comfortable and to expect the worse. She fought with everything she had and with the support of her family and our wonderful CF friends she overcame and was re listed. I so happy the day I heard she had gotten her call and had a chance and a new life. She had a very hard recovery. She never did fully recover as cause of the high dose of meds made her kidneys fail so she was on dialysis. Even after that she kept in good spirit and got to spend time with her family and loved ones.
She started to decline again and repeated lung infections. She was admitted to TGH a couple times but this last time she wouldn't make it. She got the terrible news the other day that she was indeed going thru chronic rejection. Today I heard the terrible news that she lost her fight for her life. Its so sad seeing as I just talked to her last night. We had lots of wonderful chats and looked out for each other. Me and my brother did get to visit with her last Tuesday. I am so thankful I got to see her. We had made plans all summer long to get together for a bbq but both our schedules were conflicted.
Sadly this is the second close cf/transplant friend I have lost this year. I have others that are now listed for their second transplant. I wish I could pass on some of my good health to my other transplant friends.
I will miss you tons, you can now breath easy and hang out with all our other cf friends.