Monday, October 24, 2011

Wow 8 months.

Well writing this at 8:30 at night of the 24th marks 8 months since I got the call for a new wonderful life. Tomorrow oct 25th is the day I was wheeled into the operating room at 8:30 am. Its crazy how the time goes by so fast.
I love how inspired people get when I share with them my story. A few I have talked to didn't even know that double lung transplant was possible. Which in other words kinda upsets me. That is why I love sharing my story and raising awareness. I have several cf friends that are now waiting for their call. and some that have received theirs and are on the way thru recovery and a start of a new wonderful life like me. I also have friends that have lost their battle either waiting for the call or after transplant which is very sad and are always in my thoughts. That is why organ donation is so important.
I still wonder everyday if I would receive a letter from my donors family but have yet heard anything. A interview I heard on cbc with a friend of mine and who her donor family found were was great! I am so glad she has that connection with them, I do wish they would change the law in Ontario. As in Quebec as long as both parties agree information can be given, along with some states in the US.
I attended a local CF fundraiser in Barrie over the weekend. It was great to see all the people come out and support the cause. I believe they raised $4000 which was awesome. I also got to meet the 2 fundraiser groups (Barrie Kinsmen and the O'Ryan project) They were a group of great people! I have to start writing my speech as well. I have been asked by the Barrie Kinsmen and Kinettes to speak at one of their meetings in April to educate them on life with cf before and after transplant. As Marc said to me (Kinsmen) he said they do know about cf but don't know all the little specifics and the treatments before and after transplant. At first I was a little worried about doing it, but you only live once and like others told me I should do awesome cause Im talking about something that is close to my heart.
As for life, im still living each day to the fullest. Went out and danced my heat out all night long on Saturday, I use to never get up and dance, but like I told a friend. I really don't care what people say!
November 21-22 is my 9 month assessment so I will post on the results of that,

Till then have a good one :)