Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update on my house

So I went to the bank at the starting of last week to see what my options are. Basically I got none. They said they can try and refinance for a lower rate but cant do that till I get up to date on my payments :( They asked why I was having a hard time and I explained I have had a hard time catching up since I was off work for so long because of transplant and such. The lady I was talking to was very compassionate and was asking me about my transplant as her friend "jamie" that lives in T.O had a dbl lung transplant due to CF. What a small world. I inquired on his last name but seeing as he was a friend of a friend she couldn't remember the last name. So I have weighed the options as I cant even sell. And I don't think there is an option of just signing it over to someone without lots of legal fees which I do not have the money for that. So as it is i am just staying for a couple months without making payments to save for first and last and find a place all inclusive to rent. I have been looking around Barrie and area as Midland/Penetang has nothing really keeping me here anymore. Barrie is close enough to commute to work every day and I will be able to hang out with my brother more. I am not too sure on how foreclosure works but I guess I will find out. And lets face it you cant get blood from a rock. This whole situation has been playing heavily on my mind the last couple of days and results have been getting headaches so bad I haven't been able to go to work, which in the end doesn't help the financial situation. I feel I really have no one to turn to to help but really its something I have to do for myself.
So any of you that read this know of a place coming available in the Barrie area let me know, I'm ideally looking for a house with at least 2 bedrooms and hopefully at least a single car garage.