Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reflecting on the past week.

This last week has been very tough for me and can only imagine what the family is going thru. Thursday night was the visitation of a friend, cfer and transplantie. It was a very emotional night for all. Allison was truly loved and had lots of friends and family.
Friday afternoon was the final goodbye for Allison and to let her go to a better place where she can now breath easy. The church was filled with no seating left. The service was very beautiful. So now the healing process starts.
Like I was telling my brother today. Some people think yes I just lost another cf friend. But She was more of just another cf friend. She was a true friend! And cause of that this has really hit me hard.
Its so hard to think she is gone. But like her family told me to not take life for granted. Cause you never know when you might not be here. Like Allison's boyfriend said she did more in 1 year as a couple that many people do in 2 years. She was a true inspiration and will live each day to the fullest just for her!
Another thing my brother said when I told him I was glad that I didn't go to Florida this past week cause I would not have gotten the chance to say a final goodbye to a wonderful person, He said "everything happens for a reason" meaning there was a reason I wasn't meant to go to Florida.
So hope we can all heal our hearts and souls and think that Allison is looking down on us. I am not a religious person but am beginning to think there has to be something up there to look forward to.
You are greatly missed by all Allison Reid, You were a true friend,Daughter,Sister and Girlfriend! Breath Easy beautiful angel.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today we say good bye to a good friend

Today has to be about the worst day I have had in a long time. I woke up really late for work and had to rush out the door with no breakfast. Later on in the morning I learned that a good Cysta had lost her battle with an infection she had been fighting over a month with. She recieved her double lung transplant a week before me. We had met off a cf website previous and attended the same cf clinic. We also lived up north of the city in the same area. We created a bond and helped out each other thru things. I was her support through her waiting for her call as she was for me. I was so happy to hear that she had gotten her call and a chance at a new life. She was yound and deserved it! Then I week later I got my call, how amazing! We both recovered together on the transplant ward and did your physio rehab.
That may we both did the Great Strides walk in Barrie and were asked to be the ribbon cutters for the start of the first annual walk for cf.
She met a great man and fell in love. I was so happy for her. She got to go back to college and get backing into her nurse schooling. She did get to experience alot of things she didnt get to before transplant in such a short time, but indeed it was a short time and deserved longer on the earth. She had and was a true fighter and never gave up even at the end. Although I dont know the final details of what happened and am gonna leave it at that, her family has enough to deal with at the moment of loosing their twin daughter/sister. She is now up looking down on all us sending us her strength she showed and breathing easy.

With all this happening, it shows how short life can be sometimes. I am just in awe and has really scared me. What to say this could happen to me today,next week or months from now. It can happen so fast. I know know why when im meeting someone to date and I mention I have CF they just turn and run. There is not enough strong women out there, what ever happened to love triumphs all?
I wish I didnt have to work and be able to just go out and enjoy life and explore new things and new adventures instead of wasting my time working 5 days a week.
I just dont know anymore, feel like life is passing me by and that anyday I could not be here or get so sick that I cant do anything and wish I could of.

RIP Allison I will always remember the times and talks we have had, you can now breath easy beautiful women.