Thursday, December 6, 2012

News you dont like hearing!

Just when I thought life was going pretty good bad news arrives.
Tuesday morning my employer told us cause it was getting slow at work that everyone is getting laid off and will only be called in when and if needed. And then some of us were sent home at lunch that day. So it has now been 2 days I have been home. With everything that has happened to me financially over the last few months, declaring bankruptcy and turning my house back to the bank. This just puts the cherry on the top :(
I have been advised to see what my "employee" rights are. As it is now I will not have any money from EI till poss mid January :( So it make me feel pretty crumby over the coming holiday season. Although if you have read my blogs from day 1 you know I'm not into the whole commercialization they have made Christmas but would still like to get something for the people I love. But I think this Christmas is going to be a write off. All I can hope is the New Year comes a better time and better prosperity.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Been Busy busy busy

Life has been pretty busy the last few weeks. Getting things sorted out with my old place. Work and such. Last weekend we decorated my truck up for the Stayner santa clause parade. It was a pretty fast parade only lasting 30 mins.
We had snow but the last couple days has been warm and just about all the snow has melted. Although some of the ski resorts around me have opened already. Next weekend were venturing out to cut down a Christmas tree. It will be the first time for me. My family use to just cut the pre cut ones. So this should be an adventure.
Life in Stayner is pretty good. I have met a few people and am enjoying myself. It was time to get outta Penetang. Was getting tired of all the soap opera drama.
Personally Im the happiest I have been for a long time..