Monday, January 24, 2011

Ones thoughts when driving

Well today was my day at Toronto General for my Pre transplant phyiso. It all went well,at least the rest of it. I got there and they said I was due for my 6 min walk test. For those who have never had to do this it is basically a measurement of how far you can walk in 6 minutes. They monitor your heart rate and o2 saturation. So I get thru it and as I'm standing at the end of the test and she is recording all the info that is downloaded into their palm pilot the nurse drops it on the floor and the back comes off and the battery flys out. I'm thinking great, she puts it back together and turns it on and yes that's right it didn't save anything the whole test was a waste of time. So we go back into the treadmill room and she says she might have me do it again later on I'm thinking wtf? Then the physiotherpy nurse comes over and says that they think my distance is down from last time and that they should just wait and do it next week. Im thinking that's a good idea seeing as I'm already worn out so to do it again today would most definitely be a shorter doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. So lets hope next week she keeps the palm pilot in hand nice and tight!

So back on track, as I was driving to Toronto today I was thinking and mind wandering on different things. I was thinking of what a fellow cfer saying about the higher power as if god and religion. I myself am not religious at all. I kinda think along the same lines as my dad did of explains why you have those episodes of dega you may have done it in a different life and form. I'm sure theres arguments for and against this but I'm not gonna get into that. But then I thought what if there is a place where people go in spirit...guess some people would call it heaven. So then I wonder about my late father.

See he was a huge aviation fan, he knew tons about airplanes and built and flew radio control air planes. I still have one of his that he built which does need some repairs due to other events not needing to go into detail.

So last night I watched the movie Amelia it was the biography of Amelia Earhart, if you don't know who she is you need to brush up on your history, she was the first women to fly across the Atlantic back in the 1930's. She then attempted to fly right around the world only to get lost in the pacific ocean. To this day nothing has been found of her plane or her or her passenger. Another big person, actually people are the Wright brothers, they were the first to actually fly out in kityhawk. Those were two people that interested my dad, mostly the Wright brothers. So here is what I was wondering. That indeed if there is a place of spirits if he has actually got to meet them?

Its a pretty calming thought to think he has.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just another Saturday night

Well folks its still winter here in the north country lol. Suppose to go down to -21c with a windchill of -30. Not very nice and of course not great to be outside walking with crappy lungs and on o2. Had to go to Walmart today and it hit me, couldn't stop coughing, its the most I have coughed in a month so I know its just the cold air that is my enemy.
Other then that my health has been pretty stable, physio is still going good. I have my CF clinic on the 1st of February so will see if my FEV1 has gone up anymore.
For me its another quiet stay at home weekend. Seems to be the norm now, seems the winter no one seems to come over to often to hang out.
Not much new in the dating scene either, still single and hating it lol. Theres alot of times I wish I wasn't waking up in an empty bed or had someone to curl up with in the evening to watch a movie with. I personally think the whole CF thing scares alot of women off, But I guess not much to do about that.
Another month I will be turning 35 which is crazy. I cant believe I will be "mid 30's" Where does the time go?

Friday, January 14, 2011

This and that ramblings

I don't really have much to talk about, well nothing of real importance. Its just a Friday night. Sitting here with nothing to do and no plans. Seems to be typical now of the way things go. Everything happens when I'm not feeling the greatest and don't feel like much socializing or doing things but when I am feeling good I want to get out and do things but never seems to be anything happening. I remember when all us friends would get together ever weekend and just hang out. Kinda sucks how times change.
Not much happening on the transplant front. Back to my Mondays at Toronto General and Tuesday and Thursdays in Orillia. The physio has been going good. My o2 sats stay right up. I feel good after I'm done. No coughing which is a relief. February 2nd will mark 5 months being listed. Getting a little worried as I haven't even had any dry runs yet. I heard from a friend who had a loved one pass away that they were an organ donor and the doctors were locating people for their organs. So hopefully his lungs were usable and someone is now breathing easier. I was kinda hoping I would be on the road to recovery by now but now the way the timeline goes I more then likely still be off work for the rest of the year booo!
My first cheque is in the mail from Google As Sense for them advertising on my blog page, they are sending me a whole $15.87us, so I guess there has been a few people clicking on the ads.
So other then that life is hanging in there. No real excitement getting kinda bored lol. Hopefully only have another 2 months of winter and it will start to melt.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Funny how things go

Last 2 days of phyiso have gone good. No hacking my brains out which is nice. Yesterday as I was driving down College st on my way home from Toronto General I was thinking to myself wow, until Nov/09 I had never really driven in the downtown. Now I feel like I know my way around pretty good...not no pro yet but can manage. Of course downtown city driving is alot different then my country town driving, you have to pretty much turn into an arrogant dodge in and out of traffic kind of person. Sometimes when I get home I find myself still driving like I was in the city and have to take a moment to switch back to country driving lol.
I am still amazed and and disappointed that within the span of one year my health and life have just about hit rock bottom. Although I'm still glad I'm a bit mobile and able to get out a bit. I don't know what I would do if I was stuck in the house, not being able to drive and completely depending on others. Don't get me wrong I am nowhere able to do the tasks I use to be able to. My roommate looks after putting all the garbage and recycling out and the snow cleaning of the driveway. Hell I think that would take me several hours and many tanks of o2 to complete lol. So for now I hope to just stay around this level till the call for lungs come.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Todays Clinic

Today's clinic wasn't too bad. Got to st Mikes and went right to the blood work lab. I thought I was in for a very long wait as there was a full room and people also waiting in the hallway. But the wait was only about 15 mins...not bad. They couldn't draw blood from my picc line so they had to poke me again in the other arm. When I was done I went back downstairs and grabbed a coffee then headed up to the Cf clinic. I went and sat in the waiting room, and there is where I sat from 11:00 to 2:00 One odd thing, I dont know if the reception knew they did it or not but there ended up being at least 4 cfers all sitting in the waiting room at the same time. It didnt really bother me but kinda makes you wonder when they are so tight on cfers mingling and such. Anyhoo they then called me and I went for pfts. My FEV1 was back to .99LTS which is pretty much where it was before my infection. I went back and they had a room ready for me. So I dropped my stuff then went to the Marakteria and grabbed a snack, Milk, oreos, rice crispy square and an apple. Went back to my room and ate. The nurse came in and took all my info, plus she unlocked the computer which was perfect now I could play around on the net while waiting, which I figured would be a few hours. She left and I jumped in the chair. Just logged into FB and knock knock on the door the Dr was here. Wow that was freakin fast. So anyways he asked if I wanted to pull my picc line out or leave it in, I'm like PULL it! lol So out it came. I can now stretch my arm out, shower proper...back to normal life. So now I don't have to go back for a month.
Tomorrow I'm back off to the city for my pre tx physio at Toronto General. Then Physio on Thursday in Orillia. I'm already looking forward to this week being over.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 is here and today marks 4 months being listed.

Well I haven't talked to anyone since last year...where does the year go lmao. Anyhoo my New Years wasn't too bad. I figured I would just be sitting at home alone. I hate going out to huge parties lately well having to cart the o2 around isnt fun so I would rather just stay home. But I headed over to a friends. He had a few people over and it was a night of sitting in his basement listening to them pound away on the drums and play guitars. It wasn't that bad...LOUD but good. Hell even the few of us down there missed the count down. It was like ohhh Happy New Year lol. I didn't get to bed till after 1:30 in the morning. Which is extremely late for me, im usually in bed by 10:30-11:00 lol. So I pretty much slept the whole next morning away.
Today is Jan 2nd so I have now been listed for transplant for 4 months. Last I checked the list was down to 58 people waiting for lungs.
I think the iv meds did their job. The last few days I've been feeling pretty good. Seem to have alot more energy then before. Which is always good. I still get SOB (shortness of breath) but not as bad but its still there non the less :(
My brother and his partner have planned their March break trip to Florida. I have really been itching to go with them one year but with money, work and then my health its been a no go. But I have put money away and plan on going somewhere with them after transplant!

So that's all I have to say at the moment, I have CF clinic on Tuesday and will update on what they say. Id imagine feeling that I have more energy means my pft's will be back up.

Happy New Year every one!!!!