Wednesday, November 23, 2011

9 month assement

Monday I was at Toronto General Hospital going thru my tests for my 9 month assessment of my pretty pink new lungs. So the day went as follows. Was up at 5am seeing as I had to be in the city by 7:30 for my ct scan, that went with no hitch then I was off to blood work which was fasting so I couldn't eat anything the night before or have my morning coffee booooo! When that was done it was off to the pft lab for breathing tests and the annoying ABG (arterial blood gas) The resperoligist had a hard time getting it, after two pokes and poking around in my arm he finally got it, I was so glad when that was done and could finally get some breakfast! That was a yummy bacon breakfast belt on a cheddar cheese bagel and a coffee. After that was my 6 minute walk test. They had 2 students doing it. I did it and seemed to do the same as I did at my 6 month mark. The one physiotherapists looked at the results then asked how I was feeling "fine" I told her then she told me my walk test was down significantly from last time, she then suggested maybe they missed counting a couple of laps and asked if id like to do it again in another 10 minutes and I said fine. So I did it a second time and the physiotherapist did it and just as we suspected they had miss counted and it was actually the same as my 6 month mark 630 metres which is 93% pred of a healthy person my age.

Next was lunch time, mmmm hero burger is my fav! then it was good ol clinic time. I was prepared for a long wait as it usually goes. I got up just after 1 got called in 10 minutes later and then waited in the room, the transplant coordinator came and talked to me, I showed her the article that I had in the circle of friends which she liked. She also asked if I'm doing any awareness stuff for cf and organ donation which I told her yes. I gave her my letter I wrote to my wonderful donor family and asked about my letter I submitted at 3 months and she said she was gonna contact the trillium gift of life to see if the rejected getting my letter so hopefully I hear something. I was out of clinic by 2:30 which wasn't bad at all.

Tuesday was the same early rise to be down at TGH for 7:30 for my bronchoscopy. I stopped in Barrie and picked up my brother to come down with me. I went in for my bronch and was done in about 30 minutes. I was awake for the whole procedure which doesn't bother me one bit. The even had me taking a deep breath when the wanted to take the biopsy clips. The good thing about not being right out is that its very quick recovery after. When I was down me and my brother went up to the 7th floor (transplant ward) and visited a fellow transplantie that was in, she had her double lungs 5 months ago. We then stopped by and visited with a fellow cfer who received her new lungs last weekend, which she is doing awesome and id imagine will be heading home shortly.

I was able to get a cd of my before and after xrays, the first one is of Feb 24th which was the night I went in for transplant the second is my new lungs and was taken on Monday.

We then headed back to Barrie and then I came home. Today it was back to work as normal.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The day from hell

Well I got up this morning and was looking forward to seeing some old faces at clinic and meeting up with a good cf friend.
I had planned on stopping in at my brothers work and dropping off my passport so his partner could sign my photo which he had forgotten to do and was gonna pick it up on my way home.
Well that didn't happen :( I grabbed my coffee at Tim Hortons and headed out of town, the sun was in a real nasty spot and couldn't see crap, all sudden this lady in front of me stopped and I couldn't even see her brake lights.....well you can guess what happened next...yupp whamoo! It didn't do much damage to my truck. So we had to wait for the police and fill out a report. So I never managed to get out of town till 10 :( I managed to make it to St Mikes by 11:30, had to do routine blood work which included an extra vile for a study they were doing for bacteria found in cfers blood and which also affect the lungs. I asked if it was necessary as I have new lungs lol and they said it would still work for the study. ohh well was just an extra vile. Im use to having my blood sucked, I would be a total hoar for a vampire lmao!
After blood work I went back up and had to wait in the waiting room again. I was then call for pfts then back to the waiting room. My friend Michelle and her husband showed up. We got to sit and chat and exchange books :) So we all waited and waited, they left for some food and I followed shortly after for a Tim Hortons run, that was 3:00. I came back to the waiting room and sat some more. I didn't get called into a room till after 4pm. I sat in there till 5:30 when I was finally. It wasn't much, it was the same dr that I deal with at TGH, I was really wanted to see Dr T but this is the second time there and still didn't get to see her :(
I didn't get out of St.Mikes till close to 6pm. They were also gonna give me my flu shot but it apparently wasn't where it was suppose to be so they didn't wanna hold me up any longer.
I didn't get home till just after 8p, What a long long day.
I sure hope tomorrow is alot better!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just dont know?

Well the last few days I have had this feeling. A feeling like something is missing? I have been back to work now since June and seem to have fallen back to the regular routine before I got sick and had to be listed. Get up in the morning, go to work,home make dinner,do a few things then head to bed only to start it again the next day. I feel I need a change, dunno what. Sometimes I think maybe I should sell my house and just find a small place all inclusive which would free up some of my money and maybe do a little traveling? Maybe a different career? I just don't know! Or maybe I just need some excitement in my life lol. Maybe its just cause I feel alone, not that I don't have wonderful friends just that person that you can share moments in life with. I have been out to a few parties and the bar the last month but I have never been the one to approach a person and strike up small talk. It just seems to be a fatal flaw :( I am sure I have missed out on opportunities and such or missed the "signs" of someone being interested. I just totally suck. I have been trying the online dating but I am beginning to think that's a crock lol.

So ya that is where I stand, I'm sure it will eventually pass.

Although this was kinda difficult for me to write and put out there I figured it had to be said.