Monday, August 29, 2011

6 month assessment

Thursday night fish fry,fresh Largemouth Bass!

Largemouth Bass Northern Pike

Sunset on Rainy Lake.

Well today I started my 2 days of tests for my 6 month assessment. It went pretty well id say. There was a couple little issues to work on but nothing to do with my lungs. My cyclosporin level was in the 400's which is way too high. It went high once before then came back down, so they told me to skip my 3pm dose and then take my dose from 275mg down to 250mg and then do blood work next week. My blood pressure was a tad high but not sure what was up there, they did take it right after I found out I had either lost my truck keys or had fallen out of my pocket into the truck so was waiting for a tow truck to come get into my truck, also if it was cause my cyclosporin level was high. So they are just gonna keep an eye on it. My ac1 level was up a bit due to my sugar spiking in the afternoon after my prednisone kicks in, usually around 3 pm which I usually adjust with insulin and have a snack. So they also decreased my pred. from 15mg to 12.5mg in hopes it will help out. They want me to get in contact with Anna Tsang at St Mikes cf clinic and see what she thinks, if she suggests me taking a small dose of my long acting Humlin N in the morning to look after the afternoon spike. Other then that all was well x ray and ct scan looked even better then my 3 month mark. My walk test put me in the 93% of a person my age with no lung issues so I'm happy with that.

I got to meet up and have lunch with a couple other lung recipents which was great, we shared our hospital stay and recovery.

It was sad when I went up to the treadmill room for the walk test and still seeing people in there pre tx that were there when I first on the journey, I really hope they get their call soon and a chance at a better life!

Tomorrow is my bronchoscopy at 8:45 and have to be there an hour before. Dr Chapiro popped her head in the room when I was waiting for the other Dr to say hi which was really nice of her, and I asked if she was doing my bronch tomorrow and she said more then likely so we will see.

In other news, life is still grand. Just got back from a week up at the cottage, I hadnt been able to go for the last 2 years which was very upsetting seeing as my dads ashes are spread on the lake so it really felt like I was missing spending time with him. The water was way down the year, but the fishing was still decent, caught a few nice ones the first few days but after that the fishing kinda died off. We caught stuff but mostly small and not worth keeping.

Work is going great, this coming weekend is a long weekend, hoping to get people over to help get my body onto my jeep frame. I am hoping to be driving it by the end of sept so we will see.