Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 has come to an end!

This should of been the last blog of 2011 but its a day late so I guess we will call it the first blog of 2012.

This year has been an extreme roller coaster. The first month and a bit I was still living on 02 and had a pager by my side waiting for my call. I got my first one on Feb 2nd, 2 days before my brothers birthday which turned out to be what they call a dry run. My second call came at 9:30pm feb 24 which was a go and I received the gift of life Feb. 25th, 2 days before my 35th birthday. Things went pretty smoothly with only a couple bumps in the road. Was out of the hospital in a month due to sternum issues and it not wanting to stay clamped together. I returned back to my full time job 2nd week of June only 2 weeks after my 3 month assessment. Things have been good so far. Had a great summer, got my jeep all back together and back on the road. Got a few long awaited things done around the house and yard that I couldn't do while having next to no lung function and on o2. Got back up to the cottage this Summer and also ventured out by Parham to my older brothers cottage for a weekend of fishing. All in all was a pretty wicked summer with friends and family. Had many bonfires too the summer which was nice as I missed that for the past year. Then ending of this year brought some terrible news for my niece and her family and that her little girl would need a liver transplant, same as her older son needed 2 years ago. I have tried to give as much support as I can as I have been down the transplant walk too. And have tried to make it down to Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto when ever I can. She did receive the gift of life from her father and took place just this past week. She is doing well but still has a couple more surgeries to go thru. I came down with my first illness since transplant. And like I blogged about it earlier it is weird and a little scary. It left me with a ear infection which is not nice and is the first one I have ever had. I had to go to the Hospital here in town and get a script for some antibiotics. I then had to call my transplant coordinator to inform her of what was going on. She said that I may require a longer dose then 7 days cause of my compromised immune system. Well after the 6th day it was wasn't any better so I called this Friday to inform her and see if they could write me a refill as my family dr was on holidays and I didn't wanna go back to the ER. So she did some research and asked me a few questions. She called me back after lunch to inform me that they were gonna change my antibiotics to good ol Cipro. Her reason was cause they found some pseudomonis in my lungs at my 9 months assessment when the did my bronch. What the hell???? I thought they would of been on top of that and got me on something as soon as they found it. I did have some at my 3 month mark which they figure was from my sinuses and they had a picc line put in and had to do 2 weeks of home ivs to clear it up. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that the cipro looks after it. I know before transplant with my old cf lungs and lung infections that the cipro started not doing the trick so not sure if its the same with new pink lungs.

To end the year I held a New Years bash at my house. I was a pretty awesome party and lots of friends came, im guessing there was about 15 drunk people here. Had the coffee table pushed aside and had dancing going on and of course the infamous gathering of drinkers in the dinky kitchen,whats up with that. This year we decided to get dressed up in out best cloths and we all weren't looking too shabby! So now its the starting of 2012, I sure hope is a great year with many great adventures and new experiences, and that its all good health for me, my family and friends. My first adventure for 2012 is a trip to Orlando Florida in March with my brother, cant wait for that :)